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Current Positions

We are always looking for qualified Industrial Painters. If you are interested in working for WISL, please write us (please include your resume) at western@wisl.ca.

To be successful in their trade, Industrial Painters need:

  • The skills to read, write and communicate verbally
  • Good background in trade math and basic science
  • The ability to interpret blueprints/placing drawings and other specification documentation
  • An understanding of safe work practices and the knowledge to safely operate the tools and equipment of the trade
  • To be able to work at heights
  • The ability to lift in excess of 25 kilograms
  • Manual dexterity
  • Very good muscular coordination, agility and balance
  • A willingness to travel to various work sites
  • An inclination to work cooperatively with others
  • The ability to act quickly and decisively in emergencies