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For nearly a century, the well-established and proven technology of metalizing has provided structures in marine and industrial environments around the world with extended maintenance-free service life.

Metalizing, or thermal spraying, is a process by which aluminum or zinc wire is continuously melted in an electric arc spray or gas flame spray gun. Metal from the wire is deposited onto the steel forming the protective coating. This sprayed metal coating is both a barrier coating and a galvanic coating in one. The superior galvanic protection that metalizing affords on bridges, piping and structural steel of virtually any shape or size requires a high level of surface cleanliness and surface preparation attention. Abrasive blasting and metalizing operations in the field often require a containment to protect both the environment and people in and around your project. WISL is fully equipped to provide containments, scaffolding, dust collectors, ventilation systems, vacuums and spent blast media disposal systems that prevent particles of blasting debris and metalizing dust from escaping into the environment.

Whether metalizing on your project is performed in the field or in our shop before construction, WISL’s leading edge metalizing equipment and well trained operators provide you with the highest quality of workmanship that is essential to the success of this application.