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Lead Abatement

WISL has gained a reputation as experts in the safe removal of coatings containing heavy metals like lead from bridges, storage tanks, building structures and equipment. Our extensive experience in lead abatement from industrial and commercial sites includes every approved method of remediation including chemical strip systems, HEPA vacuum attached power tools, specialized abrasive blasting equipment and high-pressure washing.

WISL is fully equipped to engineer and provide:

  • Containments, debris capturing and disposal systems, scaffolding and negative air enclosures
  • Handling, documentation, transportation and disposal of hazardous waste
  • Dust collection, ventilation systems and vacuums
  • Full decontamination units
  • Ambient and personal air monitoring and sampling
  • Soil and water testing - Medical testing and monitoring
  • Certified and well trained lead abatement supervisors and workforce

WISL performs all work safely and responsibly, and protects its workers and the environment in strict accordance with the occupational health and safety standards and laws set out by federal and provincial authorities.