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Surface Preparation & Blast Cleaning

Proper surface preparation is considered one of the most important factors in the successful performance and service life of any coating or lining regardless if the scope of work is large or small. Many owners have discovered that the effects of improper or insufficient surface preparation prior to any installation are far-reaching and expensive. If your project involves localized maintenance work during plant shutdowns, or full scale blasting operations in our shop or in the field on pipe, bridges, tanks, structural steel, concrete or equipment, our experienced team of professionals will ensure that surfaces are prepared properly before coating application begins.

The preparation of surfaces and the removal of contaminants in the field often require a containment to protect both the environment and people in and around your project. WISL is fully equipped to provide containments, scaffolding, dust collectors, ventilation systems, vacuums and spent blast media disposal systems in order that the health and safety of the environment and people is preserved throughout.