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After many years as a painter in the family business, George Rajotte founded Western Industrial Services Ltd. (WISL) in 1964.  From his modest start working out of a rented trailer with no plumbing, WISL has grown over the course of 50 years to establish itself as a leader in the construction industry.

Many changes to WISL have occurred over the years.  As markets, competition and technological advances in the coatings industry were being reshaped, the diverse range of the company’s services successfully evolved and expanded to meet the ever-changing needs and demands of its customers.  As the construction industry became aware of the increased need for improvements to safety and quality through the years, WISL was and remains the vanguard in these arenas.

A commitment to responding quickly to the customer’s needs and providing the highest level of service with cost effective solutions became George’s conviction from the onset.  WISL’s service delivery approach has never changed over the years.  The ability to carry out George’s essential strategies for the continued success and growth of our company without compromising the core values that fortify its culture and foundation has allowed WISL to forge long lasting partnerships with stakeholders in virtually every industry sector.

A history of workmanship by WISL’s people can be seen on countless landmarks and facilities throughout Manitoba and Western Canada.  Today, WISL’s services are provided and continue to be enhanced from a newly constructed 5,000 sq. ft. head office and 25,000 sq. ft. warehouse and production space located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  WISL is well positioned for future growth and to remain one of the best service providers in the specialty construction field.